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Money~Minder Online

An Easy Way To Keep Track Of Your Finances.

Fort McClellan Credit Union is making managing your money easier than ever. The newest addition to Virtual Branch makes it easy to monitor all of your accounts – even ones outside of Fort McClellan Credit Union!

Users of financial management tools like the new Money~Minder report saving an average of $100 a month by tracking spending and setting financial goals. Start managing your different financial accounts with Money~Minder today and you could experience similar savings.

Login to Virtual Branch and click the Money~Minder tab to get started.

After your Fort McClellan CU accounts are automatically added, it is easy to bring your other accounts into the tool to mind all of your money with the goal setting, cash following and spending tracking tools that are part of Money~Minder.

Here are some quick and easy things to do to get the most out of Money~Minder:

Add An Account

It is easy to start adding accounts from outside Fort McClellan Credit Union . . . adding these accounts will help provide you with the complete financial picture you need to mind all of your money.

  1. On the Dashboard page of Money~Minder, click on the "Add" button at the top of the left hand column.
  2. Select the financial institution by clicking its logo or searching by name or URL.
  3. Enter your account credentials and Money~Minder will display transaction and account balance information for any accounts you have with that institution.

Repeat with all of your financial institutions to be able to mind all of your money.

Create a Goal

Whether you want to pay down debt or save towards a special purchase, Money~Minder makes it easy to set goals and track your progress.

  1. Click on the "Goals" tab and click "Add a Goal". Then choose the type of goal you want to create.
  2. Fill in the fields to name your goal and set up the specifics of the goal.

Repeat Fill in the fields to name your goal and set up the specifics of the goal.

Set a Spending Target

Another great feature of Money~Minder is the ability to set spending targets to help you track and manage your spending.

  1. Click on the “Budget” tab in Money~Minder and then click "Add a New Spending Target" to get started.
  2. Complete the fields to pick the tags you want to track for the target, name the target, set a monthly limit, and track the accounts that will count towards the target.

Repeat for other spending categories – some of the most common expenses to track are groceries, transportation, and dining out.